High on Himalayas Interviews Surbhi Sabharwal

An Interview with Surbhi  (@born_to_hop)


#1  Who you are and What got you into travelling?

Hey, I am Surbhi , a graduate of NIFT. I am a currently working as a designer for a buying house.
Honestly I also didn’t come to know when the travel bug hit me. It wasn’t an overnight transformation. Yes I loved travelling and since childhood I have been travelling lots of places with my family but getting into solo travelling is one thing which was never ever in my mind . Destiny you see. My first solo trip was Rishikesh where I went for Bungee Jumping and from that one moment I just couldn’t stop myself .

High on Himalayas Interviews Surbhi Sabharwal #travel #Interview #India
#2 What is your favourite Himalayan destination ?

Manali is my forever love because of the happy vibe that place has. I am not fond of very touristy destinations though but Manali is one exception to that list. Also, I love Jibhi. That’s one place which is realy close to my heart.

#3 What sort of traveler are you?

I don’t think I have a particular type . Generally I travel solo but at the same time I travel with groups and family too. Till the time I am travelling , I am happy. Also I am a bit selective about my travel company while I travel. I am an extrovert so finding a good company has never been a problem and in case I don’t find one, I love my company more than anything else.

#4 Whats your best and worst experience in the Himalayas?

Himalayan destinations have given me memories of lifetime- from paragliding in Bir to biking in Ladakh , It has always been amazing. I still cant get over the landscape of Leh . I dont compare places when I travel because that stops me from exploring.
Luckily, Himalayas have been really good to me. There are certain circumstances which come up unexpectedly but travel doesn’t come with the guarantee of comfort and luxury.

#5 What tip would you like to give to fellow travellers?

To all the people who are travelling and exploring, I have huge respect for them and all those you are just dreaming and scrolling instagram, I would like to tell you that you wont know till you go and see. A little bit of courage and you will be on a road to heaven. Just don’t travel for the sake of insta feed or check ins . Obviously they look fascinating. Travel to see the world with a new perspective. Respect nature and contribute to protecting environment. Don’t be just a traveler, be a responsible one too.

You can follow Surbhi on her social media profiles where she shares her travel updates regularly regularly : Instagram 

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