The Unexplored Side of Himachal Pradesh – In Aayushi’s Words

On the occasion of Himachal Day 2020, here’s bringing to you Aayushi’s experience in her own words, where she pens down her thoughts based on her extensive experience of living with the locals in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.


Aayushi is a co-founder of a heritage social enterprise named Khayaal. Born and brought up in old-gullies of Dilli-6 and currently residing in Ahmedabad, the Marwari in her gains prominence over the millennial Delhiite. With a background in urban planning and heritage management, and her interest in exploring the unexplored, Aayushi tries to incorporate her design skills together with her ethnographic and management education to bring about a change in the identification of heritage, its documentation, and it’s unbiased presentation in the public domain.


While we all sit in the comfort of our homes, and aren’t able to travel to the Himalayas, because it’s advised to Stay at Home, in order to Break the Chain and Flatten the Curve, with the sole purpose of getting rid of Coronavirus or COVID – 19 for good; Aayushi here, has been in Himachal for quite some time now. And as she wasn’t able to get back to her home, she is making the most of this Quarantine Life, by creating amazing art pieces, that can be checked here – The Little Tooth Brush


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And she also managed to compile this awesome photo story, on the occasion of Himachal Day 2020.















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