5 Non – Touristy Things To Do in Manali

While you can easily find plenty of Manali Travel Guides on the internet, this one is different ! This one lists out 5 Non Touristy Things to do in Manali, that can serve as an Alternate Manali Guide.



Stay in a Rustic Homestay

Manali in itself is too touristy, which is why you should definitely be looking out for staying in a Rustic Homestay of sorts in the outskirts of Manali !

There are plenty of boutique home-stays that you can choose from, such as :

Zostel Homes Shuru | Mid Orchard Cottage | Zostel Homes Rumsu from where you can Work from Mountains as well.

My Workstation at PossiVille

What I love about staying at home-stays like Ikigai Manali in the outskirts of Manali, is the opportunity to disconnect completely with the world, and spend time connecting with myself. And in places like these, more than anything it’s the vibes that matters ! Even without stepping out, the day passes by so fast, primarily because of the vibes. 

If not for anything else, I highly recommend you spend a weekend at a homestay like Ikigai Manali, and I am sure, you will be tempted to either extend your stay, or visit again.


Get Inked

Getting Inked is undoubtedly the most Non Touristy Thing to do in Manali. And there’s no one better than Veronica who goes by the name @Veronicas_Ink

I personally got inked recently, and can easily say that not only is Veronica an amazing person to talk to, she is an amazing tattoo artist, who is extremely creative with her designs.

Tattoo done by Veronica

PS – She is very busy, so you need to book your sessions in advance. So, if you guys are heading to Manali and Getting a Tattoo done is on your agenda, then do drop in a DM Via Instagram to Veronica, and give my reference (Arnav).



Go Cafe Hopping in Old Manali

Cafe Hopping in Manali is one of the best things you can do in Manali. And the sumptuous food on offer will surely make the foodie in you come alive. Be it hogging on piping hot momos, or slurping on a sumptuous quantity of Thukpa, or trying out the Himachali Thali or sticking to the basics – Maggi, paranthas, dal , roti, sabzi, chawal – you won’t be disappointed !

Not only this, you can even find Israeli, Thai, Continental cuisine in the many cafes spread all over Old Manali!

Lunching done right at Rocky’s Cafe

My Recommendations – 

      • Pizza | Momos | Israeli cuisine at Rocky’s Cafe
      • Pizza and Italian cuisine at Renaissance
      • Momos and Tibetan cuisine at Raj Food Corner ( Opposite Renaissance)
      • Burgers | Pasta | Continental cuisine at Drifter’s Cafe
      • South Indian cuisine at Southern Souls
      • Chinese cuisine at Chopsticks | The Corner Cafe
      • Cakes and Pastries | Evergreen Bakery
      • Dining with a View at Cafe Kathmandu | Rocky’s Cafe


Go for a hike or two

Hiking and Trekking is without a doubt, one of the best Non Touristy Things To do in Manali, an amazing activity to do while you are on a Workation in Manali.

While, there are plenty of spontaneous hikes and treks that you can do during your Manali Travel Itinerary, I recommend you to first tick off  the Jogini Waterfall trek (a 3 km trek from Vashisht Temple) or the Lama Dugh Trek or The Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

There are plenty of other treks such as the Hampta Pass Trek, Chandrakhani Pass Trek, Beas Kund Trek and the Deo Tibba Trek among others, which are among some of the Best Treks in the Himalayas, that you can also check out.


Work from Mountains

Post Lockdown, Manali has become an attractive destination attracting Digital Nomads and Remote Workers to Work from Mountains, specially because one gets to wake up to the views of the mighty Himalayas, and the sounds of the water gushing in the River Beas, that flows through Manali and Old Manali.

Not only have a lot of co-working hostels started their operations in Old Manali, there are plenty of boutique properties that are offering lucrative deals for long term stays, for travellers interested in Working from Mountains.

One such property in Old Manali that has recently started operations is Keekoo Stays Manali.

Keekoo Stays Manali

Having established a successful backpacker hostel in Udaipur, Keekoo established itself in Old Manali near Hadimba Temple, attracting travellers, specially Digital Nomads and backpackers as well. 

Keekoo Manali is an attractive choice not only because of its location and the sumptuous food on offer, but also because of the high speed internet which is amongst the best, speed wise, compared to what others offer.

And with comfy rooms on offer along with dorms, Keekoo Stays Manali, is easily among the best properties to Work from Mountains.


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5 Non Touristy Things to do in Manali
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