Our Story

Hello there

Thanks a lot for dropping by High on Himalayas .

Some of you might be following us on Instagram, so you know who we are !

For those of you don’t, here’s our story .

The concept of High on Himalayas was born one night, when both my brother (Sahaj) and Me(Arnav), were drunk, and bored at an Army party back in 2017, and decided of creating a community to inspire people to travel more to the Himalayas, and appreciate the beauty in its true form. Over the past year and a half, our community has grown from a few 100’s and is now on the way to reach the 20k mark in a few weeks.

High on Himalayas, never was, and never will be a personal page. It was meant to be a community, and that’s what we strive for. Which is why, the moment I got the notification, that the domain was available, I immediately bought it.

We plan to grow our community here on our website, just like we did on Instagram, by making the website open for anyone and everyone, who wants to contribute their experiences, stories, which will motivate others to travel and experience the beauty of Himalayas.

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