Renuka Ji: A quiet, less explored Weekend Getaway Near Delhi

Renuka Ji is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh, located in Sirmaur District in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is named after Renuka, mother of Parshuram. This lake has a religious history and the initial name of lake was Ram Sarovar. Purans narrates that when MATA Renuka took a Jal samadhi in the lake, Ram Sarovar immediately took the shape of a lady and since then it is known as Renuka Ji Lake.

Why You Should Visit Renuka ji:

  • It’s a very quiet small hill station where you can enjoy yourself in lap of nature

  • Enjoy Scenic Badolia Baba Waterfall on the way to Renuka Ji.

  • DO some off-roading and adventure on your way to Jammu Peak from Renuka lake

A Weekend Trip from New Delhi to Renuka Ji, India #Travel #HighONHimalayas #India

  • Enjoy quiet and beautiful sunset in your own company
Sunsets on the road
Sunsets on the road

What To Do:

  1. Go boating in Renuka ji lake
  2. Visit Parshuram Temple
  3. Visit the Mini zoo nearby the lake
  4. Visit Suketi Fossil Park near Kala Amb on the way to Renuka ji

How To Reach:

Renuka Ji is just 297km from Delhi by road. Roads are in pretty good condition which makes it a perfect weekend getaway by car/Bike.

There is no direct bus to Renuka ji from Delhi, however, one can take HRTC ordinary bus from ISBT till Nahan and from Nahan, local bus/taxi till Renuka Ji.

Other bus route is Via Ambala. Take a bus from Delhi-Ambala then from Ambala- Nahan.

Train connectivity is till Ambala only from Ambala You’ll have take bus/taxi.

Where To Stay:

Being a less explored place stay option is limited. There are few guest houses/ Govt. Rest House/Hotels nearby.

There are few basic hotels in nearby Dadahu village. However, If you are on very tight budget like me than you can consider a dharmshala kind place where you’ll find very basic room in just 200 INR.

What To Eat:

No Fancy food is available just simple basic food with a touch of mountains magic.







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  1. How gorgeous. Goodness it is key to have a retreat close to a major city. Especially a city as busy as Delhi. One of my blogging buddies who lives in Delhi visited NYC for the first time a few weeks ago. I met him there. He basically noted how NYC was nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Enter this peaceful, serene retreat. Tweeted for you.


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