High on Himalayas Interviews Rashmeet Kaur (@ rashnull)

An Interview with Rashmeet Kaur (@ rashnull)Β 

1. Who are you and What got you into traveling?

I am Rashmeet. I am 24 years old and work a corporate job. I am really passionate about photography, especially travel photography (@ rashnull on Instagram). Traveling is one of the many things that was passed down to me genetically by my dad. Travel pictures are the only proof of some of my very early travels as an infant which I have no recollection of whatsoever. Due to which I’ve always been inclined towards exploring new places, finding new locations, discovering things I’ve never experienced before and soaking in the general atmosphere of a place.

2. What is your favorite Himalayan destination and why?

Pahalgam is my favorite place because I still believe it was all a dream! I had to pinch myself several times while I was strolling through the city streets, walking down the meadows and hiking up the mountain that yes, this place really exists! It’s every summer landscape painting ever painted come alive.

The tall green trees, a soft shining sun, the breeze grazing your skin and the murmur of Lidder flowing through the valley. Words can never do the actual beauty justice. It’s a photographer’s paradise and I would love to escape here each chance I get.

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3. What sort of a traveler are you?

I travel with my family, we love road trips, so much so that we would pack up our things (sometimes at very short notice) and just get on the road with no real destination in mind. My elder brother and parents are my co-travelers and a fun bunch at that. We’ve been so many places now that we have a map of the Himalayas hanging in our living room that we’re ticking places off of. We’ve always got travel plans, always.

4. What’s your best and worst experience in the Himalayas?

The best experience so far has been my road trip to Kashmir. It was a journey I will remember fondly till the end of my days and the people of Kashmir are so precious. Every person traveling to Kashmir is worried about their safety, including me. But while I was there, I never felt unsafe or scared, quite the opposite really. It was overcoming all these prejudices you have in your mind after reading/watching the news in general and finding out the truth for yourself. The place itself is poetry personified and it exemplified my experience of being surrounded by beautiful Himalayas.

To be honest, there are no outright bad experiences that I can quote from because in retrospect, they all make up for the most adventurous stories really. Also, nothing ever really goes to plan when you’re out there wandering. But if I have to say, through no fault of the mountains, I was stuck in a chairlift mid-air for over an hour in Auli. I got different perspective shots of the mountains though, so hey, I am not complaining.

5. What tip would you like to give fellow travelers?

Always do your research – may it be for saving money like looking at cheaper/better stay options or to get to know the place more like local history. You’ll be surprised at the amount of things you will find by simply googling a location.

Be respectful to the locals

Be a responsible traveler – don’t litter and trash the place.

Remember you’re a visitor and bring your trash back with you.

Be safe and carry an extra change of clothes, always.

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21 Replies to “High on Himalayas Interviews Rashmeet Kaur (@ rashnull)”

    1. I’m following you on Instagram since a long time ago, as I love photography. The link in the bio of your account lead me here. I am really passionate about photography and travelling as just like you. I always keep myself motivated with the people like you… You are leading a great way in your life, keep this up!! I wish you fly even higher in your dreams in 2019.

  1. That’s a lovely interview. It was great to know you Rashmeet. You have the love to travel inside you. Himalayas are a beautiful place to start with and I must tell you, Pahalgam is my favorite too.

    1. Hi Shreya,
      Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful reply!
      Pahalgam is indeed an Eden’s garden for us. πŸ™‚

  2. What an inspiring interview! It was really interesting to learn about Rashmeet and her adventures. I did my fair share of exploring the Himalayas and this brought back so many nice memories. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work

  3. Your High on the Himalayas is a good series and it’s fun to know about so many new faces that I had not even heard about before. Great to know so many people are exploring the Himalayas. Hope they can also promote responsible tourism in a bigger way. That’s what we need badly.

    1. Hi Archana,
      Thank you for reading! You’re absolutely right. Even as a traveler, we can’t drop responsibilities since ‘we’re on vacation’. I love that you spoke about it since of the advise I had for my fellow travelers was not to trash or litter and bring it back with you so it can be properly disposed off.

  4. Rashnull has a beautiful IG and an exquisite traveling spirit. I love her advice to always bring a change of clothes. I am not sure that would have been on my list, but it’s a good idea. I also love the rabbit backpack. So cute.

    1. Hi Jenn and Ed,
      Thank you for reading! I am glad you found some advice useful. I came across the rabbit backpack by chance, but it sure ranked up high on the cuteness meter. πŸ™‚

  5. Rashmeet has the perfect traveler spirit as she’s so positive! I associate the Himalayas with strong mountain climbers and I forget that there are beautiful towns and areas for regular people. I’ve read other wonderful reviews of Kashmir, so I’m encouraged to explore it. What a great way to bond with your family and see the world!

    1. Hi Annick,
      Thank you for reading and for your kind thoughts! πŸ™‚
      It’s fun to be on the road with family who treats you like a friend. πŸ™‚
      I hope you get an opportunity soon to explore Kashmir. It’s a gold mine for travelers like us.

  6. What a lovely read! I’ve never been to India, but the Himalayas really intrigue me. Very interesting about the part on Kashmir – I don’t know the background, but I’m guessing the reputation isn’t great. I love her photos too!

    1. Hello Lisa,
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I hope you get an opportunity to visit India soon!

  7. This is truly inspiring. I truly admire people who’s able to balance a corporate job while still exploring the world. Would love to visit Kashmir someday. It is a dream to visit the Himalayas.

    1. Hi Clarice,
      Thank you for reading and for your kind words. I hope the new year brings you many opportunities to travel to the Himalayas, soon!

  8. I simply love Pahalgam! I also went there with my family once, and it was a road trip too, so I totally get what you mean, Rashmeet, by that being your fav memory of the travels to the Himalayas. Such a pity to have been stuck in a chairlift in Auli but you made most of it by getting good pictures! Your pictures are amazing by the way, I just visited your Insta page πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Medha,
      What a lovely coincidence! I would love to hear more about your experiences of Pahalgam. Do let me know your instagram handle, we can converse there.
      Thanks for reading!!

  9. I’m following you on Instagram since a long time ago as I’m really into photography, you’re one of my inspiration in my life. Just taking a look to your Instagram and the link in the bio lead me here, it feels so good while reading your words which narrate a glimpse of your perception. I’m passionate about photography and travelling just like as you. You are leading a great way in your life, and i wish you fly even higher in your dreams in 2019. Keep this Up! and keep inspiring people as you always do.

  10. Hi Rashnul,
    It’s always amazing to see that you are balancing your passion and job. And making a new definition of family tour. I also loveeeee Himalayas and would love to visit someday with my parents. I am from Tripura.Do visit the northeast India also.It’s a beauty unexplored yet!!!love ur insta feed😊😊😊😊😊

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