10 Epic Places to visit in Spiti Valley | Himachal Pradesh, India

Spiti valley, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is among India’s top destination since a few years. And for all the right reasons! It is often referred to as ‘The Middle Land’ and has the perfect combination of nature, rural life, adventure and culture! From harbouring famous monasteries like Key Monastery to harbouring nature’s magnificent gifts like Chandra Taal lake. The place is not only blessed with Himalayan beauty but also very kind and hospitable people! You will also come across culturally enriched villages like Dhankar and Demul and some very Instagrammable locations like Chicham Khas and Hikkim!


10 Epic Places to visit in Spiti Valley

Nako Lake 

Nako Lake, situated in the heart of Nako village, is one of the first glimpse into Spiti valley’s beauty. It is at the height of 3,662 metres and is surrounded by willow and poplar trees.

Nako Lake | Flickr

Dhankar Village 

The next popular location after Nako Lake is the Dhankar Village. Just 3 hours from Nako, Dhankar used to be the main administrative centre of the Spiti valley. It is most famous for its monastery and fort, oldest in the valley. Dhankar lake is another must visit location, with its pristine blue water and incredible views!

Photo by Nomad Bikers on Unsplash

Demul Village 

Spiti’s least visited village, Demul, is small hamlet between Dhankar and Kaza. We recommend staying in homestay here to fully experience the local Spiti life at its peak.


Pin Valley National Park 

One of the best detours on the Tabo – Kaza route. Pin Valley National Park is where Mud Village – One of the remotest villages in Spiti Valley is located. There is no network in Pin Valley National Park, which makes it the perfect place to immerse yourself in the nature, camp under the starry night skies, and to connect with the locals.

Kaza Monastery 

A relatively newer monastery, Kaza Monastery is adorned with bright red thangkas and three massive statutes. Visitors are also allowed to attend prayer meetings!

Key Monastery 

Spiti’s largest monastery- Key- is one of the most unique location in Spiti given its architecture and cultural background. More than 250 monks study and reside here. And if time permits, definitely stay for a night at Key Monastery, and attend the morning prayers. It’s an experience next to none.

Langza, Hikkim and Komic 

The triplet villages!

Langza is most famous for its huge Buddha statue. Hikkim for its post office, which is highest in the world at a height of 4,400 m. And last but not least, Komic is known for its night skies, and for being the highest motorable village in the world ! One can easily  the see milky way from here.

You should definitely stay in a homestay in Hikkim or Komic, its just one of those quintessential Spiti Valley experiences, without which your Spiti Trip will be incomplete.

Chicham Bridge 

Spiti’s most famous Instagram destination- Chicham Khas – is known to be Asia’s highest bridge at the height of 4500m. Don’t forget to take a photo for your Instagram!

Kunzum La 

Located at a height of 4551 m, Kunzum Pass connects Spiti valley with Lahual valley. On the top, there is a small Buddhist temple and a structure which welcomes you to the Pass.

Chandra Taal Lake 

Lahul’s most famous lake, Chandra Taal, is among the top destination in the region. Known as the moon lake, it is famous for camping and its night skies when the moon shines bright and reflects on the water in the lake.

Chandra Taal Lake | Flickr | Saurabh Chatterjee

How to reach Spiti Valley:

You can reach Spiti valley via two roads

    1. The first is via Kinnaur district. You can find buses from Shimla till Reckong Peo. From there, you can catch a bus till Nako/Kaza. Prices range from INR 500 to INR 700.
    2. The other route is from Manali via Rohtang Pass (now Atal Tunnel) and Kunzum Pass. You can get a direct bus from Manali to Kaza and shared cabs.

Our Recommendation however would be to do the entire Spiti Circuit, starting from Manali, ie. 

Manali – Jalori Pass – Rampur – Reckong Peo/Kalpa – Nako – Tabo – Pin Valley National Park – Kaza – Hikkim/Langza/Komic – Kibber – Chicham – Losar – Kunzum La – Chandra Taal – Batal – Gramphu – Rohtang La – Manali

Things to remember for your Spiti Trip:

    1. Spiti valley is essentially a cold desert. We recommend carrying a down jacket and a fleece to keep yourself warm all the time, especially during the night.
    2. Finding ATMs can be difficult (except in Kaza). Carry a good amount of cash to avoid any problems.
    3. The valley is a sensitive eco zone. Please do not litter and carry your personal reusable water bottle and straws.
    4. Be respectful of the local culture while visiting places of religious importance like monasteries or home-stays.
    5. It is important to keep an extra day or two in your Spiti Valley itinerary. Getting stuck on the way is quite common due to landslides and snowfall.
    6. Besides BSNL and JIO, no other sim works here. So make sure to update your close ones with your itinerary beforehand.


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10 Places to visit in Spiti Valley | High on Himalayas
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