High on Himalayas Interviews Kanchi (@wonderful.wild.weird)

An Interview with Kanchi


#1 Who are you and What got you into traveling?

Hi, My name is Kanchi, I’m basically from Rajasthan, an ex-IITian, current mathematics teacher and a traveler by heart.  I’ve been traveling since may 2016. I got into travelling by chance. After being frustrated with a corporate life, Delhi party scenes and senseless shopping extravaganzas I took a trip to Kasol in may 2016 , Chamba and Dharamshala in June and then Kinnaur – Spiti in September.  I was in Kinnaur and Spiti for almost a month and I think that trip changed everything. Since then there has been no looking back. Travelling comes a priority naturally to me now. It’s a necessity.

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#2 What is your favourite Himalayan destination and Why ?

I can’t pinpoint a single Himalayan destination . I am attached to all of them through some beautiful memories. For example Kinnaur and Spiti circuit  is and will always be very close to my heart as it was my first solo trip. Mechuka in Arunachal is a recent love affair. Like I said too many memories to just pick one.

#3 What sort of a traveler are you ?

I’m a curious Traveller, whatever place I go I try to find out everything  about that place. its Mountains, rivers, forests,  about its people, customs , local food and everything. I keep my eyes , ear and mind open and try to soak in the vibe of the place.

And that’s why I prefer traveling on low budget and  by public transport because that’s how you get to interact with the locals and actually know about the place, and well it’s economical too.


#4 What’s your best and worst experience in the Himalayas ?

I don’t think I’ve had any worst experience in Himalayas, I mean sure I’ve had a bit of problems  with public transport, bad roads,  land slides, bug bites,  extreme weather conditions etc, but they’re just a part of experience. I don’t really mind that.

Now about best memories, oh, I’ve so many.

Like the time when I was in Nako, and first time I saw Milky Way, God it was so beautiful I couldn’t believe my eyes. I lied on a mattress on an open roof and stared at it for at least 2 hours, in the chilly windy night in Nako.

Or like in Bir when I  wanted to do paragliding.  I reached there in month of January so i had to trek in snow till Billing (take off site for paragliding) . When we reached there it started snowing, so we waited for it to stop and eventually did paragliding. It was an amazing experience and then I partied with the locals of Chaugan village at night, dancing on kangri and  kinnauri songs. It was one hell of a day.

Or the time when I sat near Chandertaal lake looking at it, for at least 5 hours , just trying to soak in the beauty of it, mesmerised by it.

Or recently in Arunachal when we reached a village in Anjaw district where there were no guest houses, but then we found a place to camp between a hot spring and milky blue Lohit river. 

There are just so many beautiful experiences, there’s not enough space here to write all these. 😝


#5 What tip would you like to give to fellow travellers?

Only advice that I can give or I actually follow myself is that be a responsible and sensible traveller. Be sympathetic and humble to locals and a little less fussy about the facilities and luxuries in Himalayan regions. The life there is tough and since development is less the natural beauty has been preserved. It’s unfair to expect five star facilities in a remote Himalayan village. You’re lucky if you’re getting food and a place to sleep. 

Also Use less plastic and please don’t play loud music in quiet places.

Enjoy the Himalayas but Respect them and keep them peaceful and clean.

18 Replies to “High on Himalayas Interviews Kanchi (@wonderful.wild.weird)”

  1. I like how apt & honestly you’ve put forward your views. Especially on responsible tourism 👍. I’ve recently started to follow you and hope to see many more of your travel adventures in newer places this year.

    1. Thank you for appreciating abhilash.
      I do feel strongly about responsible tourism. And thank you for following me , Stay tuned for my further travel adventures.♥️

  2. I’ll have a look at your social profiles and would consider following you. Of course there are no “worst” experiences in the Himalayas. It’s such an amazing place after all! 🙂

  3. You have had some interesting travel adventures since 2016. I wonder what 2019 will bring you. I too would like to see the reduction of plastic being used and I am very conscious of the fact when buying goods.

    1. Yeah even I’m wondering what 2019 has in store for me. I’ve already spent 2 weeks in Himachal and plan to learn yoga in Feb. Let’s see what happens next. And good to know that you are conscious about plastic use, it’s about time we started thinking of that.

  4. You sound like the type of traveler the world needs! Embracing cultures and trying new foods is what makes travel awesome. I hope 2019 is a great travel year for you!

  5. Great going, Kanchi. I loved her advice on being less fussy in mountains. I so much agree to the fact that we should feel lucky if we are getting food and a place to sleep. I am glad to know about her Milky Way experience from Nako. Himalayas is pretty. The interviews you keep getting to us make me miss India too much.

  6. Great read and wish I could do much more travelling like Kanchi. The himalaya is s great piece of inspiration whether it be spiritual or promoting travels. I want to visit more of the Himalayas and she has done some extensive travels so a great source of knowledge about the area. Would like to congratulate her and will definitely make contact with s fellow traveller like Kanchi.

  7. I’m definitely all about sustainable tourism and being responsible while travelling. The Himalayas look and sound amazing! A great interview!

    1. Hey Lisa, thank you so much girl. ♥️
      Himalayas are amazing, hope you’ve been there a few times, if not you should definitely plan. 😅

  8. I like her tip for fellow travelers to respect the Himalayas, to keep them clean and quiet. It reminded me of a video lately that showed plastics pollutions there. I think it actually goes to wherever we go. Her Himalayas adventures are absolutely amazing, just like Himalaya itself.

  9. What a great interview! I think we could all learn something from Kanchi. Always glad to see an interview with travelers that promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

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