High on Himalayas Interviews Debjani aka theVagabong

An Interview with The Vagabong (Debjani)

#1 Who are you and What got you into traveling?

Hello, So I am a vagabond traveller from the City of Joy . And, though I am officially known as Debjani but I think I am more familiar with calling myself as a Vagabong traveller with a hobo mind. Let just say that madness rules me , life loves me and a wanderlust travel junkie defines me. I have been a tourist for many years from now. But, adopted my travelling soul when I went for my very first backpacking Trip to Bhutan in 2016 which was a healer trip as well . As it helped me to overcome a crisis I went through . Hence, I understood myself much better, that nothing could give me more joy than travelling. And thats how my journey started . Presently I have a corporate job to sustain my travel mania. 

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#2 What is your favourite Himalayan destination and Why ?

India and subcontinent is blessed with the highest mountain ranges in the world.

And do you think its easy to choose any particular destination?

I think from wherever you see, Himalayas gives you a different shade and a different perspective.I wouldn’t say I have conquered it all but definitely Sikkim and North East still remains to be my favourite Himalayan destination for its ease of reaching out and also for its untouched and non commercialised beauty. 

#3 What sort of a traveler are you ?

Like I said I am an eccentric solo traveler who can define herself as a rustic backpacker in one situation to a well organised travel planner into other situation. It totally depends on what kind of places or destination I am visiting. However, budget and minimalistic approach is always my focus when it comes to travel planning.

#4 What’s your best and worst experience in the Himalayas ?

My best experience so far was to witness Kanchenjunga right on top of the clouds overlooking the setting sun into a Golden sky . It was mesmerisingly beautiful.  Well, I wouldn’t say I had any worse experience till now . But yes good or bad experience always gives you long lasting memories. All I can say my bad experience till now has only been to the times when I fell sick during my travels. Thats the worst thing which can happen.

#5 What tip would you like to give to fellow travellers?

I am still in my learning process to grasp so many aspect of travelling. But definitely would say that be unique and listen to your heart always. Don’t push yourself or imitate just because others are doing so. I know Social Media makes travel looks so rosy and ideal. But you should be able to gauge the up and the downsides of travel too and be ready only when you want to do it. Ofcourse, each has its own preference so its completely ok if you miss a few places or skip other things. Point is to enjoy the experience of travel wherever or however you do.

You can follow Debjani on her blog theVagabong and  her social media profiles where she shares her travel updates regularly regularly : Instagram | YouTube| Facebook 


8 Replies to “High on Himalayas Interviews Debjani aka theVagabong”

  1. I enjoy interviews with travellers. It is interesting to get their perspective on their travels and their experiences. Thanks for the article and her tip listen to your heart.

  2. It is great to know about Debjani. I find many similarities with her, like even I can go from properly planned traveler to a rustic backpacker. Even the hippie life in Kasol leaves me perplexed, as to what’s the point going up there to do stuff, well I don’t get it too. And I believe that in social media, the travel life looks ideal. Loved knowing her.

  3. Interesting interview. I always like to read about other people’s travel experiences. Visiting the Himalayas is an old dream of mine.

  4. I enjoyed reading this interview about another passionate traveler. I loved the part about visitng Himalayas, I would really want to go there, and this made me dreaming about it even more. The final though about traveling was just on point.

  5. I had never heard of theVagabong before, but I really enjoyed reading about her travel experiences in this interview! I look forward to following her adventures. I haven’t been to the Himalayas yet, but I would love to one day. It looks like she is a great resource! Her experience seeing the Kanchenjunga overlooking the setting sun sounds beautiful!

  6. Wow she seems enjoying her craft and I would like to visit her page and read her stories. You did a great interview, and I learned a lot from your conversation. More interview to come, please!

  7. I loved how Debjani is passionate about her travels. It is good to know that she loves the Himalayas as it really most beautiful mountain ranges for me too. I truly on the final travel advice given by her about how the things look rosy on social media regarding travel might be somewhat different in reality.

  8. What a beautiful story to share by Debjani. Whilst her first trip to Bhutan was to overcome a personal crisis, it’s so powerful to learn about how it was a healing trip for her. I love her honesty and absolutely agree to listen to your heart and stay true to yourself. A beautiful lesson about travelling! Thank you for sharing your story Debjani

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